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B's Basket Designs

Gifts for Every Occasion



Hi. I’m Barbara Ange and l own B’s Basket Designs. “B” is, of course for Barbara, but also, I have taken a keen interest in ‘Saving our Bees’ and raising awareness on this topic. I prefer to consider myself as a business with a conscience.

Many years ago, I discovered that there was a need for truly customized gift building and I knew just how to craft it! While a Fruit Basket is nice, it’s not always the perfect gift. Thinking “outside of the box (or the basket” )is truly what I do best for you. 

Many of my products are indigenous to other countries where they are expertly created...think Chocolate from Switzerland or Bogota, Coffee from Costa Rica and Colombia and fine Baby Alpaca wool & silk scarves from Peru and Ecuador, or flavorful British Teas, just to name a few. I am a 35 year career Flight Attendant and along my travels I am always searching for those unique and perfect gift additions to bring back to you!

While many of my gifts are custom, one-of-a-kind creations, I am equally as happy to duplicate 4 to 400 for corporate services, as well! I can accommodate any budget...from small favor-type gifts, starting at $2.50, all the way to elaborate, deluxe offerings. My website is teeming with exciting, fun, and unique products. I deliver locally and ship nationwide. Let me make you look like the most thoughtful gifter in the world! I look forward to serving you as your #1 gifting source.

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